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What is Rolfing

Certified Advanced Rolfer™ Linda Jordan of Anchorage, Alaska, answers the question, “What is Rolfing®?”


Rolfing is the only form of bodywork directed at organizing the human body in the field of gravity.

Rolfers work with the connective tissue or fascial planes in order to create a balance through the structural support of the connective tissue. As well as improve the health of an individual.

Each person’s body will react differently to physical traumas such as car accidents, falls, or repetitive use. The physical trauma often strains the connective tissue, resulting in restrictions.

When the fascia or connective tissue has an imbalance, unresolved strain patterns can create problems such as sciatic nerve impingement, bulging discs, shortness of breath, diminished life force energy and psychological difficulties.

It has been proven that a lack of nutrition can create unhealthy tissue, leading to difficulties in moving or being still.

rolfing in anchorage alaskaRolfing releases the body from patterns of tension, bracing, or trauma that have built up over time, by changing the tone of the connective tissue and re-establishing a more appropriate relationship between the various segments of the body.

When the head is properly supported by the neck, shoulders, pelvis, and arches of the feet, the spine often well experiences an increase in length and mobility, even neurological functioning well experience levels of improvement.

During a Rolfing session, the alignment and movement patterns are examined and manipulation of the connective tissue structure completed. This returns the body to a more fluid and graceful state of being.

Through reorganizing the connective structure, Rolfing provides the body with a more dynamic, integrated relationship to gravity.

Dr. Rolf would say, “Anyone can take the body apart, but few can put it back together.

Rolfing endeavors to put the body back together by integrating the connective tissue system into a functional whole.

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