Linda Jordan M.Sc.

Certified Advanced Rolfer®

Rolfing® Structural Integration | Anchorage, Alaska

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I have been a regular client of Linda’s for many years. She is a master at her art and as a result has adjusted the pain in my calves, released tension in my neck, jaw, and face (this was the most profound), and has worked many, many other sticky pain points. She has even worked in my mouth. If you heard Rolfing hurts, I want you to know that it hurts no more than a therapeutic massage and she’s so gentle that she has worked on an infant, sled dogs and even a horse! On the fence? Get off it and give her a call

Cathy Orten, a client forever

Linda has given me the best mechanical alignment and motor function I have ever had as an adult. Injuries, surgeries and childbirth over a period of 30 years caused pain and dysfunction. What amazes me most about Linda is her ability to individualize her extensive knowledge and experience on the spot to me. What initially seems like “not very much”, turns into the “perfect key that unlocks my door.” Magic? No. Just incredible skill.


Why did I go to Rolfing? To adjust my posture—pull my shoulders back and eliminate the sway in my lower back—and hopefully get rid of the lower back pain I have had when sleeping on my back for years.

I didn’t really know what would happen, but I can honestly say that it has been one of the very best decisions I have made in my life. I did the 10 sessions, but I have been going once a month since—why, because I love the way I am looking regarding my posture, and I want to get my body to the best position it can attain … I wanted to continue with it and see if over time my back would respond to the changes. I had almost come to the conclusion that my back was a lost cause because it had been 10 months and actually got worse; BUT I am now noticing that my back is no longer bothering me the way it used to, and that the way I had been experiencing the pain is almost gone! I am thrilled beyond anything! It took years to for my back to get that way, and only 10 months to correct—I’m calling that a win!

My husband, daughter and son have also seen Linda for Rolfing for issues they needed addressed: husband posture related and daughter/son knee related. All have experienced significant changes to their bodies that have corrected the problems. I think everyone should try Rolfing at some point because I am sure there is no perfect body out there that hasn’t experienced stress, trauma and/or other aches and pains. Rolfing can correct issues that normal medicine cannot, for Rolfing is not about medicine.

Thank you, Linda. My family and I wouldn’t be where we are now without you and what you have done!


Rolfing with Linda Jordan over the past 10 years has helped me cope with severe scoliosis. Early treatments focused on stabilizing my pelvis to alleviate hip pain so I could continue to walk regularly as part of my exercise regime. After a period in my early 50’s when my curves progressed, treatment shifted to stabilizing my middle and upper spine to alleviate back and rib pain. Through regular sessions on at least a monthly basis, I’ve experienced significant relief from the pain and tightness scoliosis causes. In addition, I’ve learned much about the dynamics of the condition and the importance of posture and appropriate exercise. Most importantly, I’ve found hope that I can live with the challenges of scoliosis without drugs or invasive surgeries. Linda’s experience and skill are remarkable and I would recommend her services to anyone struggling with scoliosis or other musculoskeletal conditions


I injured my shoulder weight lifting. I stopped weight lifting immediately but my shoulder gradually froze up and would not move. I was unable to lift my arm above my waist and was in an immense amount of pain. After many X-rays, an MRI and weeks of physical therapy, my doctor gave me the option of having cortisone shots in my shoulder or surgery. I did not feel like he really understood what the problem was with my shoulder or how to treat it. I gave Rolfing a try in a last ditch effort before surgery. I am very glad I did! Linda was able to rehabilitate my shoulder. She really understood what the problem was with my shoulder and how to fix it. I saw improvement at the end of each session. My shoulder works better than it did before I had my injury. I am very thankful for Linda and her expertise because without it I would have had an unnecessary operation that would have probably left me with less range of motion than I have now. Thanks Linda!


I went to Linda after suffering for years with back and neck pain. I couldn’t sleep well and had headaches all the time. I practically lived at the chiropractic office.
After the Rolfing alignment I sleep better and only occasionally have neck pain. My life has improved dramatically.


As a Tai Chi Chuan instructor, it’s important for me to be in good physical condition. I knew my history of scoliosis and back surgery limited my ability to move smoothly. Although the practice of Tai Chi and meditation had eliminated my pain and definitely improved my movement, it was apparent that I would need assistance to improve further. I had heard Rolfing was a good way to realign muscles, so I decided to look for a practitioner. After a phone conversation with Linda, I was very confident with her ability so I started with a basic 10-session package. The increased stability in my kicks and low stances was surprising. I have now been a regular monthly client of Linda’s for the past several years. Rolfing has greatly improved my ability to move with grace through my Tai Chi, as well as life in general.

S. Elkins, Tai Chi Instructor

In 1996 I first came to Linda with neck, shoulder and back pain. It was remarkable how quickly the Rolfing treatments corrected the underlying structural problems. Linda’s Rolfing sessions eliminated the pain as well as improved my posture and ease of movement. I continue to get Rolfing treatments from Linda occasionally whenever a new situation occurs such as a fall on the ice or a long, uncomfortable plane ride. Her years of experience, education and training allow her to detect and correct many physical problems before they become serious or chronic. I highly recommend Rolfing in general and especially the excellent and professional Rolfing skills of Linda Jordan.

Jan B., Information Manager

Linda Jordan working on upper chestJack and I have been seeing Linda Jordan for over 25 years. Jack has seen profound improvement since she first Rolfed him. His back was in constant pain. The initial series helped relieve the intensity of his discomfort and follow up visits have improved or eliminated the localized trauma incurred from his work or hard play. Linda is sensitive to his needs, knowledgeable about how to relieve his problem and able to use the intense pressure that is most therapeutic for him.

I did my series with Linda to help my headaches. My headaches after Rolfing are less severe and less frequent. When I broke my ankle in 2004 I was surprised to see how my back and neck were affected even after my ankle had healed completely. Not only was Linda able to help the muscles around my ankle, but the tune-ups she did on the connected areas helped problems I would not have associated with the ankle trauma. She uses a different intensity of pressure when she works on me, compared to Jack. A pressure that is more comfortable for me.

Linda Jordan is professional, knowledgeable, sensitive and aware. She knows how to use her body so that she can be powerful and strong. I don’t think there are many conditions that would not benefit from her expert care.

Jack & Sherri Hayden, Wilderness Lodge Owners

Linda’s head to toe treatment greatly improved my quality of life through finding and working on my previously injured areas. I had been worked on by several professionals prior to her and none of them were successful at relieving my symptoms and fixing the problems so they stopped  occurring. After my head to toe ten sessions with her all of the problems I was having with my muscular injuries were no longer a constant bother.

I was recommended to her by my father and have since recommended her to several people. As a paramedic, I have seen patients and been the patient who is frustrated with constant pain and discomfort that doesn’t seem to go away. Linda really does a great job at doing a thorough assessment of your system to assure that all the kinks are worked out, not just the ones you might be feeling at the time but others as well that may be part of the cause, but were not the main source. Her thoroughness and abilities make her an asset to my overall and continued well being.

Emily Knowles, Nationally Registered EMT Paramedic

Over the past several years I had developed several aches and pains that I couldn’t resolve by changing my exercise program or trying different stretching and/or strengthening exercises. After my Rolfing sessions many of these aches and pains were gone and I felt the best I had in a few years. Linda’s knowledge, skill and ability to read my body’s response to her treatments is amazing and is the reason I am feeling better today.

Jenny Sossamon RN, Athletic Trainer Certified

When recently married and visiting my mother, she said “You look great. Marriage must agree with you!”. I said, “Actually I’m not sure it’s the marriage. I think it’s the Rolfing”.

C.D., Entrepreneur

It’s great! I’ve had only 4 sessions so far and have noticed a definite improvement in my skiing and health in general.

K.G., Professional Photographer