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Rolfing in Anchorage, Alaska

Are you in need of Rolfing in Anchorage, Alaska? Linda Jordan M.Sc., Anchorage Rolfer can help.


Linda Jordan is a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ who has practiced in Anchorage since completing her basic training at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 1982.

Anchorage Rolfer Linda Jordan

Rolfing in Anchorage, Alaska


She completed her advanced level Rolfing training in 1987 and continues to study and broaden her knowledge. In addition to continuing education in Rolfing, she has also studied Craniosacral Therapy, Strain-Counterstrain, Muscle Energy, Visceral Manipulation, and Spinal Biomechanics.

To learn more about how Rolfing Structural Integration can help you please visit the About Rolfing page.


With regular treatment from Linda Jordan M.Sc. the feeling of being disjointed, knotted, and tense disappears. Freedom of movement returns and overall well-being follows. Linda offers a solution to maintaining wellness through structure-integrating Rolfing technique.



Structural Integration is the whole-body approach to well-being.


*Visits and sessions are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Please call (907) 272-6147 to schedule a rolfing appointment before visiting.



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